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For Franchise : 7768929000

For Admission : 7768929000 / 7767929000
Our Vision

A rich, engaging, and culturally relevant curriculum for every student with full art, music, library, science and history programs in addition to reading and math for providing quality education to the future citizens of the country.

Branches Contact Numbers

Aasu - 7768929000 / 7767839000

Malegaon,Near Taware petrol pump - 7767918000 / 7768929000

Sangavi,shirshne road - 7769823000 / 7768929000

Near Gawade hospital, Baramati - 7767919000 /7768929000

Tandulwadi,kalyaninagar,Baramati - 7767829000/7768929000

Suryanagari ,Jalochi road. Baramati - 7767929000/7768929000

Welcome to ACTIVE KIDS School

Active kids school provide perfect climate to develop child in all way. To make child all rounder we arrange different competitions, story, music, prayers, dance sessions etc. We celebrate more than 50 days with different activities. We take the care of child security which includes safe environment, no open drains or unattended foliage in school campus, for receive and send off the child helper and teachers are available. All electrical cables are concealed. All equipments are clean, child friendly and safe. Purified drinking water and hand washers.

Suryanagari (H.O.), Baramati, Tandulwadi, Sangavi, Malegaon, Aasu

More Details

Our aims and objectives

  • The school aims to give quality education to make the child all rounder
  • Celebrating of various Indian festivals to know our culture
  • Teaching in a way that child enjoy
  • Teaching with latest technologies like computers, software and animation clips etc

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